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Not Fighting

by Crysta Balis

Photography by Lauren J Tierney - Insta: @ljzissou

I’m not fighting,

I’m complying, submitting, enduring.

I’m not battling,

I’m cooperating, meditating, visualizing.

I’m not a warrior,

I’m a mother, daughter, sister, and wife.

I wield not a sword,

But a pen, cardigan, and hot tea.

I’m not tough,

I’m bruised, bald, and bloated.

I’m not stoic,

I’m shaken, fearful, and tired.

I’m not losing or winning,

I’m tolerating, and persisting.

I’m not beating or defeating

I’m watching, waiting, hoping.

I’m not resisting,

I’m allowing, breathing, being.

I’m not fighting.

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